We Make Texas Wines that are True to Texas:

Since our first harvest  in 2006, 75% of all the wines made at Perissos have been from Estate-grown fruit. The other 25% were grown by other Texas farmers.

Why are we so deliberate and passionate about using only Texas grown fruit to make our wines? After all, this is a difficult, if not risky business plan, and Texas grapes are harder to come by, and significantly more expensive than those from out-of-state. The answer lies in a commitment we made from the start.  Most certainly, we want to support our locally-grown farms and farmers.  But it’s more than that. Texas has always been unique – in its history, its geography, it’s people, and in a host of other areas.  So also unique to Texas is its terroir – the special characteristics that its geography, geology and climate bestow upon the grapes grown here.  We believe that a Texas wine should accurately reflect those characteristics. That can only be achieved through making wines made from Texas grown fruit. Texas can compete with other regions of the world in both winegrape growing and wine making if we pay heed to our strengths – those grapes which grow best in the distinctive climate and soils of our state. Wines –great wines – can come from this wonderful state. That’s the source of our passion to make wines that are what we call “True to Texas”.

Winemaking Philosophy

Being winemakers as well as farmers for the vast majority of the wines we produce, we have a simple philosophy in the creation and development of the wines.  We believe that 99% of the work in creating the wines occurs in the vineyard.  After tediously tending the vines all summer, we hand harvest 100% of our estate grown fruit.

Hand harvest at Perissos Vineyards

Hand harvesting is expensive, and costs much more per acre than mechanical harvesting.  However, it is much gentler on the fruit, and also prevents the inherent leaves, bugs, and other unwanted materials from polluting the wines. Once we hand harvest the fruit and bring it into the winery, we utilize practices that minimize the manipulation of the fruit and maximize the delicate characteristics that distinguish each varietal.  The bulk of our wines are made in a traditional dry style.  Again, our goal in the winery is to add transparency to the hard work that was done in the vineyard.

Winemaking Technical:

When we designed and built our small boutique winery, we incorporated much of the latest and greatest technology that you’d find in the most prestigious wineries in the world.  For example, after harvesting we instantly refrigerate the fruit to decrease the temperatures below 55 degrees, such that the native yeasts will not start fermenting.  That is a process known as cold soaking.  With refrigeration, we can maintain control of the fermentation temperatures, and thereby greatly influence how long the grapes will ferment on the skins.  We strive for a longer and cooler fermentation, which allows for greater extraction of delicate flavors and aromas from the grapes prior to pressing.  After fermentation and pressing, we age many of our white wines in stainless tanks, and age the red wines in either French or American oak barrels, depending on the grape varietals. Our barrel room was designed and built to allow for careful climate control so the wines can age at around 55 degrees and at 50% or greater humidity.