What does our name mean?

Our story begins with a name and the significance that lies therein.  Perissos is a Greek word found in the Bible (Ephesians 3:20) meaning “exceeding abundantly, beyond what is expected, imagined, or hoped for.”  It is our sincere desire and aspiration to craft wines that live up to that description.  However, with awe and gratitude, we can say that it is our lives that have been blessed exceedingly and abundantly by God. Thus our choice for the name Perissos.  That is the beginning of our overall story.  The part of our story as it relates to the vineyard and winery follows below.

Three generations or so ago, in most all of our families, there was a family farm.  So, perhaps the idea of farming wine grapes stirred in us the passion to return to those farming roots.  We longed for a place to raise our family on a genuine farm, away from the trappings of city life.  A place where we and our children could run free, get dirty, work hard, and savor the land. Coupled with that, we loved wine and were (and still are) educating ourselves about it.  So began our first steps in the journey that led us to plant a vineyard and build a winery in the center of the Texas Hill Country.

Initially, we started growing grapes next to our home in Austin, in 1999, as a hobby.  Having no prior knowledge of grape growing or winemaking, we were free to explore that world with no preconceptions.  We dug into the pursuit with all our energies and, as hobbyists, tried to figure out how to successfully grow grapes and make award-winning wine.

In addition to establishing a Estate vineyard, we built a state-of-the-art winery and barrel storage facility, which was inspired architecturally by an old traditional barn. We reside full time at the vineyard, with our five children, two dogs, three horses, and a host of other farm animals.